17 months ago, David Shaw was in the running as the next Denver Broncos head coach.

Now, he’s been hired by George Paton as part of the front office.

Shaw, the former Stanford football head coach, also worked in the NFL from 1997-2005 as quality control and quarterbacks coach, as well as a wide receivers coach for multiple teams. Now, he’s back in the league nearly 20 years later.

David Shaw joins Broncos as senior personnel executive

Shaw was sensational as a college coach at Stanford.

He was the head man there from 2011-2022, enjoying 96 wins, three Pac-12 titles, and he was named Pac-12 Coach of the Year four times. Per the Broncos release, Shaw saw 46 players go in the first six rounds of the NFL draft, and the names include some superstars.

Andrew Luck, taken No. 1 overall in 2012, is one. Another is Denver’s own Christian McCaffrey, taken No. 8 overall in the 2017 draft. McCaffrey has become arguably the best running back in the NFL today, and is gracing the cover of Madden NFL 25.

As for David Shaw, his coaching prowess was noticed not just at the conference level, but at the national level as well. He was named the Coach of the Year, winning the Dodd Trophy, in 2017.

Rewind back to 2005 and Shaw was with the Baltimore Ravens as their receivers coach. Go back even further, to 1997, and he was the Philadelphia Eagles’ quality control coach.

Who was also on that team on the coaching staff? None other than Sean Payton.

That was both Payton’s and Shaw’s first year in the league, and Denver’s current head coach was the quarterbacks coach with the Eagles in 1997-1998 before landing his first offensive coordinator position with the Giants in 2000.

There’s no word yet exactly what Shaw, 51, will be doing in the Broncos’ front office. But, expect those details to emerge soon.

Meanwhile, the Broncos recently concluded their mandatory minicamp and are on summer break. They’ll reconvene in about a month’s time, meeting in Dove Valley on July 23 for Training Camp’s kickoff.