The Denver Broncos have revealed their new-look uniforms as they move forward into what they hope will be a new era of Broncos football. It’s out with the old and in with the new.

Denver Broncos officially unveil new-look uniforms

The moment that Broncos Country has waited for is here. On Monday morning, the Broncos revealed their new uniforms as they move toward the 2024 season, just in time for Thursday’s NFL Draft.

Earlier this month at the NFL Annual Meeting, team President Damani Leech shared a little bit of information that created excitement and wonderment toward this morning’s buildup.

“I think it went over pretty well, from what I could see,” Leech said on the reaction to Denver’s new uniform process. “I would say, quite honestly, it’s good and a bit of a relief to let the fans know and confirm we will have new uniforms next season. It’s been a great process across the organization between staff and ownership, particularly [Owner] Carrie [Walton Penner], who has really driven this process. [There has been] player involvement and fan involvement. We are really excited to finally move in that direction.”

Leech noted that the new uniforms would be same color, same logos but a complete re-design of the jerseys. He also acknowledged that the uniforms would reflect the tradition and history of the team while also moving forward.

“I think part of the process that we went through was talking about what’s important to the Broncos and what’s important in the Broncos fan base,” Leech said last month. “Wanting to evolve and be new and different, but also being respectful of our history and traditions and understanding our surroundings. I think from a geographic standpoint, there’ll be nods to that. I think people will be really excited about it.”

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The orange jersey with white pants should be Denver’s consistent home theme. The white away jersey with blue or white pants will be very appealing.

The midnight navy jersey with white pants would be a nice home alternate possibility for them to use as well.

How about these throwbacks?

A perfect homage to the old school.